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    • Humberwolf
    • I'm already sad about the Games drawing to an end, like a schoolkid dreading the last couple of days of their summer holidays. The thought of making do with football from next week makes me feel nauseous. As far from the spirit of these games as it's possible to get. I've probably smiled , laughed and had tears standing in my eyes more often this last two weeks than football has managed in the last two decades.
    • Zojo
    • It has been amazing and so much better, more emotional and more inspiring than I ever expected. I was a firm cynic before it began, but the opening ceremony grabbed me, and then the sport would not let me go. Melancholic is exactly how I feel right now. I have been so proud, so moved and shed more tears than I could have imagined. So many great moments, so much of what is good about sport, about sportsmanship and about people. I have loved the enthusiasm and positivity which has been coursing through everyone - inclusive, sharing, - we really were all in it together this time and it felt great.
    • Debaser92
    • I'm a Londoner and very very proud. Only in the days after 7/7 have I ever been more proud of the city I've lived in my life. It's been a joy to feel such warmth and positivity foe once. I know the Olympics in materialistic terms delivered little, but I hope that the happiness generated by the games can somehow be a force for good.
    • tiredgiraffe
    • As a family, we stayed in a youth hostel over the past week, meeting all kinds of people from all over Britain and from other countries too. Every evening, without exception, the TV was set to Olympic coverage and those that turned up in the lounge discussed it, with real joy. I hope my boys always remember watching Bolt win the 100m with the whole room cheering him on. I'll always remember the feeling of unity and happiness. This excellent article captures this feeling perfectly; I don't want to go back to endless bad news (and football) either. Thank you.


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